Volunteer's CONTACT PAGE

Hi, We welcome you to our farm during your time in Thailand. Our basic schedule is wake up around 5:30, have some coffee, and work starts at 6 AM. We have to start early because it gets hot quickly. We break at 8 AM for breakfast and then it's back to work until around 11 AM. After clean up and lunch at 12 noon, all volunteers are free for the rest of the day to explore that local village (we have motor scooters if you are familiar with driving them, bicycles if you prefer) or relax, fish or swim in the pond. The type of work we are doing now is either hacking jungle to put up a property fence around our land, or working in the vegetable garden. There is always grass cutting needing to be done as well (weedeater or lawn mower). We don't work on weekends, so volunteers are free to take day trips to sites farther away or to rest and surf the net or whatever. you can see from our face book page https://www.facebook.com/Homtel-Farmstay-225445224332237/ We home cook Thai food for every meal (eat with our family), but we ask every volunteer to help us 150 Baht a day for the food. We don't make money off of the volunteers , but this helps us keep the volunteer program sustainable. If you are interested, please tell us the dates you plan to be here and I will send the directions how to get here. Happy Travels, Dawn

Tel: 093-095-1103

Email: homtelthailand@gmail.com