Q. "Can I get out there? Is the local transportation hard to use?"

Q. "Will there be alot of other travelers there?"

Q. "What are the options with the food? Are there other places to eat other than the Dinning Hall?"

A. Good question! The short answer is, yes you can. It's not as easy as taking a taxi, but it should be beginner traveler level. 


But to reassure everyone I will upload a step by step video on getting to the homtel from Pak Chong.

Youtube link - click here

A.  It depends on what dates you arrive, high season/low season. This is our first year, so I don't have that information yet. 

It's a new experience out here. My best travel advice would be to discard preconceptions and follow the road, not the traffic. Let Destiny drive...unless she's had too much to drink. Homtel promotes safe driving!

A. There are outside local resturants to for lunch, but not breakfast or dinner. Beacuse of the lack of a consistant market/restaurant, the Homtel has it's own meal plans. 


Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are optional. Please select meals options during booking, You can also sign up for meals here after a day from your arrival. 


We do primarily Thai food, but we do a dual breakfast. Thai Rice Congee and American Pancakes/eggs&sausage.

Both are great power breakfasts. 


The Dinning Hall schedual 

Breakfast 8am

Lunch 12am

Dinner 7pm