From cooking to tree cutting, motorcycle riding to weedcutter maintanence. We have orginized a few classes a week to help any guest who might be curious or volunteer who wants the experience for future host.  These are not classroom settings or hired teachers. We just want to pass on what we've learned from experince and local knowledge. 

Thai food - Cooking and preperation


Tuesdays 1500 hours 3:00pm

Learn to cook curries, stirfrys, soups. Learn step by step as you make your own pepper paste, a building bloke in all Thai food.

Learn Thai food cooking from scratch with Dawn Suwaratana. Having lived in Thailand for over 30 years, Dawn has learned the traditional and original recipies for many famous Thai dishes. This is not resturant cooking, this is real Thai food the way it's suppose to be. After class enjoy the fruits of your labor with everyone else at dinner time!

And of course we always clean up after ourselves.

Having to screen and accept/decline many volunteers over the years, a few things are evident. Volunteers with marketable skills or basic landscaping experience are generaly given preference where ever they apply. But how do you get that experience if hosts are hesitent to trust new volunteers?