What to do here

Cycling, hiking, book reading, hammock swaying, lazy fishing, star gazing, ext. The list goes on and on.  Of course with our fast internet "50mb up, 5mb down", online work is an option. Whether it's updating your blog or rushing to meet a deadline, the quiet Thai countryside helps you focus and avoid distractions.  



Go for a ride along quiet roads through the Thai countryside, head out with a friend to picturesque points to catch the sunset just right and capture a moment in life. Or organize a group to go on an icecream/beer run at the local village. The main roads are paved and have low traffic, ideal for casual riding  and more.  


Khao Yai Nation Park

A local van and driver can be comissioned for the day and has the option to included aditional local attrations or tours.


This tour is not included with the Homtel accommodations and cost 1000 baht a person with a minimal group of five. The park enterence fee is 400 baht each and is included in the initial 1000.  It's recommended to camp overnight in Khao Yai if you want to see wild elephants and other animals. Also the 400 baht entry fee covers overnight campers as long as you don't leave the park.


One of the largest nation parks in Thailand is a great location for long hikes through old forests. You can see what the natural Thai jungle would have been like before industrialization. Check the Khao yai page for more details. 


Check out a book at our growing library and find that perfect hammock to escape time in only the way reading a good book will do.


Book donation/exchange is accepted on a case by case basis, but please note. We do not accept political or religious books for the library.


Mountain hiking

Located directly behind the Homtel is a mountain ridge that runs through the middle of Nakhon Ratchasima provience. The shortest distence from base to summit is approximately 2km with 350 meteres of elevation. This hike difficulty is beginner to skilled as the incline is constant. Take it slower if you're new. Time yourself if you're experience. GoPro/video evidence is required. Best times will be announced on this site. 


Best time: 20 min. Scott Peterson USA

Fishing, Swimming, Boating

There are two large ponds that provide the Homtel Farm with water and fish. Sun bathe while floating along in a innertube, Take the boat out for a quiet fish or go exploring along the pond banks for the your own secret fishing spot. 


The Homtel is a catch and release fishing location. 

Writing, Blogging, Work

And probably the last activity you're thinking about. But arguably the most important and stress inducing. Let's face it, we've got work to do. Some of us might have been putting it off for a while as we can't seem to find the right time and/or space.


The Homtel is idealy located far in the countryside, away from the busy city distractions. No pressures to join those late nights bar escapades for what will inevitably end in a crushing hangover. 


Get your day started early with coffee/tea and a healthy Thai breakfast. Then enjoy your work, rekindle passions and write that next bestseller!